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How to Improve Engine Performance on a First-Generation F-150 Raptor

When we set out in search of the perfect first-generation Ford F-150 Raptor, we knew that with a budget of about $35,000 wed be looking at a higher-mileage unit. What we ended up with was a very solid 2013 model. However, just as we thought, it came with almost 90,000 miles on the odometer. According...

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Hard-Core Race Parts, Tools and Man-Cave Amenities Highlight This Social Distance Shop Shelter

Check Out These Stories! A 1,000-hp Mustang, Cool Performance Parts, Tools, and Efficiency Highlight This Social Distance Shop Shelter Top-10 Tools for Your Toolbox Theres a Willys Pickup, Jeep CJ-6, and Dana 60 Axle in This Social Distance Shop Shelter While it appears many state governments are now starting to relax some of their shelter-at-home...

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Engle Bros. Fab welds in a smooth roll pan from Grant Fab

Were finally making some moves on our recently acquired 1995 Chevy C1500. If you recall, we picked up a pretty worn out standard cab short bed, and so far, weve only done what was necessary to get it back on the road. Then we added a smooth lid from Snug Top, which instantly improved the...

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Nikola, From the Inside: The Truck Show Podcast, Episode 123

On This Weeks Show: Nikola In Episode 118, Nikolas founder and CEO Trevor Milton offered to open up the companys new headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, to The Truck Show Podcast for an exclusive visit. Follow along as we tour the new facility, dive deeper into the Nikola story, and walk through upcoming new products including...

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Can Truckin Make a Toyota Highlander Cool? The Final Chapter!

Read More on This Toyota Highlander Project! Day 1 Day 2 We finally made it. After weeks of planning and three days of hard work, were bringing you the final chapter and big reveal of our quarantine experiment. Could we take this bone-stock, low-mileage 2001 Toyota Highlander 3.0L V-6 4WD and quickly and cheaply build...

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Pipe Dream: This 1950 Ford F1 Is a Cool Classic for All the Right Reasons

What would it look like if you took the beloved truck you tinkered with during your teenage days and finally turned it into something totally killer Randy Weaver, owner of Utah-based Weaver Customs, did just that. And the fact that this 1950 Ford F1 classic pickup technically belongs to his twin brother makes the build...

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This 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport was Driven for a Week, Here's What We Thought

Nissan first released the Rogue in late 2007 as a 2008 model. This compact SUV would quickly rise through the ranks to become Nissans best-selling vehicle in the United States. The Rogue received its largest update by way of a full-vehicle refresh in 2014. Fast-forward again to 2017, and Nissan introduced the newest member of...

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