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Top 10 Dodge Ram Features

Its probably best that we start including a for now caveat or adding part numbers (Part One, Part Two, etc.) to our Top 10 rundowns, as the stories highlighted in each edition represent only a minute fraction of the truck features that have been produced by staff and freelance contributors over many years. When it...

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Top 10 Diesel Dually Trucks

As pickup trucks go, duallies are the top-tier, upper-echelon, six-wheeled leaders of the pack. And while they can be powered by gasoline engines, the enthusiast rank and file knows that duallys with diesel powerplants are really whats happening in the truck scene. Weve certainly covered more than a fair share of duallies over the years,...

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How to Enhance Your Backcountry Cell Signal

As the sport of overlanding and backcountry exploration grows, so does the want for people to build vehicles capable of getting further out there and away from the crowds. However, the further you go, the less likely you are to have cell service. While professional adventurers may stack the deck with ham radios or satellite...

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Fix-a-Flat Is Giving Away This 1970 Chevrolet C10 Restomod!

Fix-a-Flat is celebrating their 50th anniversary and is giving away this 1970 Chevrolet C10, built by Chris Forsberg and Dylan Hughes....

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2020 SEMA Show Is Canceled

Check Out These Bad-ass Trucks From SEMA 2019! Top 10 Bad-Ass Trucks: Part 1 #MTSEMA19 Top 10 Bad-Ass Trucks: Part 2 #MTSEMA19 Top 10 Bad-Ass Trucks: Part 3 #MTSEMA19 The show must go on! Similar to other major events that have been postponed or canceled for 2020 (and possibly indefinitely), that ideal does not ring...

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Traveling in Luxury: Our Long Weekend With the 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty Limited

More on The 2020 Ford F-250 Here! Welcoming Our 2020 Pickup Truck of the Year Winning Ford F-250 Ford F-250 Super Duty Wins Truck Trends 2020 Pickup Truck of the Year Award Truck Trends 2020 Pickup Truck of the Year Recap: The MASTERPOST! TruckTrends annual Pickup Truck of the Year evaluation is widely recognized as...

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Can Truckin Make a Toyota Highlander Cool? Part 4: The (Off) Road Test

Check Out the Rest of This Toyota Highlander Build! Can Truckin Make a Toyota Highlander Cool Day Two! The Final Chapter! Who knew that when we took a few days and 1500 bucks and devoted it to a clean old Toyota Highlander that it would turn out to be so popular Certainly not us! We...

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