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First Look at a Modified Toyota FR 86 & BRZ

Alright, you know the drill: new car is introduced and immediately its regarded as the worst design of all time, a product of car X and car Y creating an unwanted baby, and, of course, the always popular, they should have asked me to design it. Its expected in modern times, especially with social medias...

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Bentley Continental GT Time Attack Terror

If theres a Bentley Continental hovering around your neighborhood, chances are it accelerates only rapidly enough to jump in front of the next guy on its way to Starbucks for that $8 latte. It probably doesnt have any intention of attacking the clock at a weekend track day, and certainly doesnt aspire to climb a...

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11th gen. Honda Civic Production Car

Nothing makes Super Street fans angrier than a prototype or rendering and up until now, thats all we could offer regarding the 11th gen. Honda Civic. The burnt orange Civic sedan prototype that we talked about in November of last year signified a new direction for Honda who, at least in the enthusiast market, spent...

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Time Capsule 1985 Honda Civic Hatchback

You dont find many older Hondas in the sort of condition that this 1985 Civic 1500S was found in and, if you do, and youre immediately hit with throwback vibes and rich memories of piloting the same sort of chassis during spirited driving encounters on the streets 30-or-so years prior, then you dont let it...

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Autism Awareness Car Show

Theres been a pretty remarkable number of small-scale automotive events popping up over the last 6 months as wade into 2021s unknown waters in hopes of leaving last years drama behind, and this particular weekend, intertwined with various cars and coffee gatherings was car show organized by Orange Countys ARK Movement. With a low entry...

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Rotary-powered Suzuki Samurai

That a Suzuki Samurai is being featured by Super Street shouldnt come as a complete shock to some of our long-time fans who know we love capturing something unique. Sure, its not a common occurrence and in fact, I cant recall ever having featured one in the past, but this example, owned and built by...

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Multifaceted 2018 Honda Civic Type R

The thin, often blurred line that separates street cars from full-fledged track cars is a slippery slope, and one that this 2018 Civic Type R seems to have settled comfortable upon. Its owner, Mary Valdez, made a calculated approach to the build - a process thats slowly and steadily continued to enhance her FK8s track...

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