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2019 Ram 1500 Rebel 12 Special Edition

The biggest deal about the Rebel 12 is the inclusion of Ram’s fourth-generation Uconnect 4C with the 12-inch touchscreen and navigation, an option that has never been available for the Rebel....

Week to Wicked: Truckin Takeover Day Four

Day Four: Gibson Performance & JL Audio...

Nissan Creates Navara Dark Sky Concept for Remote Astronomy

One of the biggest obstacles to space observation is light pollution, but Nissan has one solution in the form of a customized Navara, the Dark Sky concept....

Roush Performance Announces 2018 F-150 SC

Roush just announced a major performance upgrade for the 2018 Ford F-150....

BMW Unveils Vision iNEXT Electric SUV Concept

Keen to flex its alternative-fuel muscles, BMW showed off an all-new electric SUV concept, the Vision iNEXT, which previews a production version due in 2021....

Truck Trend Shop Class: Truck Won’t Start

What Happens When We Run Out Of “Go”...