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Seven ways to tell if a used car has flood damage

Many car shoppers don’t realize just how much damage floodwaters do to a vehicle. That represents a problem—not just to the owner of a car or truck that falls victim to a catastrophic flood, but to prospective buyers unaware of the vehicle’s history. The risk of flooded vehicles on the market affects everyone looking for a used......

Car hacks: how an old iPhone and in-car Wi-Fi gave me free navigation

Car hacks are little ways to make your time in a car easier, quicker, smarter, or more convenient. Auto journalists have a few of their own, but we learn a lot of them from readers. Heres one from Jay Lucas. What follows are his words, lightly edited by The Car Connection for clarity and style. I recently replaced my wifes old iPhone 5 with an......

PSA: Please don't put your feet up on the dashboard

The warning given by Audra Tatum from Walker County, Georgia is simple: Dont put your feet up on the dashboard of your car. The reason Its beyond dangerous. Tatum and her husband were in a car crash two years ago as they were on their way to pick up their children. Everyone involved walked away, except Audra. Despite previous warnings from her......

What are the different levels of self-driving cars?

In many ways self-driving cars are an eventuality and a reality. As automakers approach full autonomy toward the end of this decade, several new cars now boast self-driving features that inch toward the goal of driver-less cars soon. Many of these features can be grouped together in a uniform set of self-driving levels, which were defined by the......

Now's the time to buy winter tires

Check that date. Yes, its the beginning of February and were telling you that you should buy winter tires now, even though were already halfway through the snowy season. If youve been contemplating winter tires for your car, this may very well be the best time to take advantage of clearance sales as tire retailers like Tire Rack are looking to......

Mid-size sedans scrapping vanilla in favor of sport

The family sedan is in the midst of a quiet revolution. What was once indisputably the type of car most likely to be found in the average American garage has been displaced by crossovers and SUVs that channel a little Marlboro Man with room for the kids and their gear (plus maybe the neighbors kids). Mid-size sedans like the Toyota Camry, Honda......