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2019 Mercedes-Benz C300 and C43 first drive review: subtle upgrades, big safety

A web of country roads casts a romantic net between the alpha world cities of Paris and Frankfurt. Where maps pare down to two-lane roads, the Moselle Valley unfurls vast expanses of lush green carpet, sun-spotted by a yellow haze of wildflowers, lidded by a cobalt-blue sky. Lucky steers and heifers bask against the Windows XP backdrop. They might......

Indiana State Trooper enforces state's Slowpoke law, goes viral

One Indiana State Trooper has gone viral after enforcing the states Slowpoke law, or move-over law. The internet has spoken, and many like State Trooper Stephen Wheeles logic. Wheeles tweeted a photo on Saturday of a vehicle after initiating a traffic stop on Interstate 65. According to the troopers tweet, the driver was holding up traffic......

Nissan searching for fast drivers in FIA-certified PlayStation Gran Turismo Championship

Nissan is looking for its next generation of fast drivers and will tap the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Manufacturers Series Championship to do so. Not to be confused with the Nissan GT Academy, the Gran Turismo Manufacturers Series Championship will be conducted via the latest PlayStation Gran Turismo video game installment, Gran Turismo Sport.......

Nio EP9 set to electrify Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood Festival of Speed attendees will have the chance to see the Nio EP9 strut its stuff. The Chinese electric supercar will partake in the events hillclimb challenge, the company announced on Monday. Scottish racing driver Peter Dumbreck will pilot the EP9. Dumbreck drove the EP9 electric car to its record-setting Nürburgring lap time......

Matt Damon to play Carroll Shelby in upcoming Ford versus Ferrari film

It was supposed to be Tom Cruise. The Top Gun and Mission Impossible mega star was reportedly set to portray Carroll Shelby in a film depicting Fords motorsport battles with Ferrari. That was way back in 2013, though, and Hollywood has since moved on. But time is a flat circle, so were ready to make this thing happen, only now its going to......

Red Bull Racing announces it will run Honda F1 engines

After a disastrous relationship with McLaren, Honda will provide power for a new Formula One team. Red Bull Racing (RBR) confirmed it will switch from Renault-sourced engines to Honda for the 2019 season. first reported on the major shakeup on Monday. The move puts an end to a 12-year relationship between RBR and Renault. The former......